We are a Husband and Wife team with over 30 years combined experience in the Architecture and Construction Industry. Founded in only 2013, we commenced this Studio just after we started our Family. At the moment we have a son, the apple of our eye! He gave us the drive to fulfill what was both our dream as Individuals and as Partners. We wanted a “space” to realise Ideas as well as a “space” to Service the community. The result was RP Design Studio.

We love Architecture, and Yes we talk about it at the dinner table. We also have a passion for a great number of other associated elements. Any chance we get we like to explore the great Outdoors and take in as much of the World as possible. Any chance we get we try to incorporate these elements into our work as well. This keeps our Design Studio very exciting and interesting, and quite often operational most hours of the day.

We like the idea of the Bespoke. Items, Spaces, Architecture, Objects, Vehicles and an endless possibility of things that are made to suit, suited to be made and made to look great at the same time.